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Reason number 19282 why I hate the USPS
Posted under Miscellaneous on Thursday, January 15, 2015 @ 2:50:54 PM
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i sold a rifle for my dad through last october and made the mistake of shipping it via usps.  i didn't think anything of it until the buyer contacted me a few weeks later asking if i'd had a chance to ship the rifle yet.  i sent him the tracking # and also went to usps' web site to see why the package hadn't arrived yet.  usps tracking shows it was accepted at my local post office but was never scanned again (i.e. usps lost it):

luckily (or so i thought) i had insured the shipment for $500, so i submitted an insurance claim back in december after waiting the required 45 days and the claim was denied because a copy of the gunbroker auction wasn't "acceptable proof of value".  so, next i submitted an appeal with a copy of the paypal transaction showing that the buyer did indeed pay me $500 (plus shipping costs) for the rifle, claim denied again because the paypal transaction didn't include shipping info of a description of the merchandise:

since paypal is an anti-freedom company, they won't let you send payments for anything they don't think you should have (i.e. completely legal firearms), so when you send payments through paypal you send them as quasi-cash and don't include any description that would indicate that you're actually paying for a firearm.  i wouldn't be surprised if mentioning the word gun anywhere in a paypal transaction would get both of your accounts banned immediately (with any funds in them confiscated, of course).

but i digress, as bad as paypal is, this article is about why i hate usps.  they denied the claim again because they're now saying they want all sorts of info they never bothered to tell me i would need to file a claim when i purchased the insurance.  and since they've got the power of the federal government on their side, they probably assume that they can do whatever they want (and probably correctly so).

so that leaves people like me stuck in the awkward position of telling my buyer that i sure enjoyed the $500 he sent me and i'm sorry he didn't get anything in return for it, but if he'd like to waste a bunch of time accomplishing nothing he can feel free to contact his postmaster.