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Holiday Season
Posted under Miscellaneous on Saturday, November 30, 2013 @ 11:16:12 PM
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the westons had a good thanksgiving this year.  we spent it with amanda's family.  later in the evening we stopped by my parent's house so they could see eric.  i used the opportunity to load some bullets while the rest of the family spent time together.  the rifle range near our house recently reopened after a 4 month closure, so i'm anxious to get some range time in.  i had hoped that amanda and i might be able to do so this weekend, but it looks like we won't get around to it.  that's probably just as well because everyone else probably had the same idea, so it was probably really busy.

on friday, i put up our christmas lights.  in years past i only did a few strings of lights along the roof line, but this year home depot had a good sale on lights so i stocked up and decorated the trees and shrubs too; i think the house looks pretty good.  later on, we took eric to a mainland football game (his first football game).  mainland won and i think everyone enjoyed the experience.  later that evening, i went to hang out with kenny and joe.

today we put up our tree and tomorrow i suspect we'll start putting presents under it.  i bought a couple things for amanda and my dad, but i guess i need to start thinking about what to get for everyone else.