Hi, I'm Fred. If you didn't know already, I'm a dork.

I work for the LPGA as a network engineer IT Operations Manager which basically means I'm responsible for planning / implementing / fixing / maintaining / upgrading anything that runs on electricity, and some things that don't. It's a lot of work, but like anything else it has its moments. It's a pretty relaxed atmosphere, and the people make the job worthwhile. I enjoy working for a small company because it gives me more opportunities to affect the company and the brand in meaningful ways.

I am a self-proclaimed shirt whore. At various points in time, my goal has been to never have to buy another shirt. The quickest way to get added to my short list of go-to vendors is to give me a shirt with your company's logo on it. The booth vendors giving away free shirts at IT conferences are my Mardi Gras.

My background in IT started in infrastructure and engineering, but I do less of that and more operations type stuff these days. I love automating everything and enjoy tying things together that were never designed to interoperate. I think the cloud will revolutionize IT even more than virtualization did, and I think Amazon is taking over the world in more ways than one, and I'm OK with that. I think Jeff Bezos is the most powerful man in tech that you've probably never heard of.

I live in Daytona Beach with my son, Eric. Eric is 10 years old now and I can't believe how fast the time goes by. I still have a vivid recollection of the day he was born and the first time I held him.

I am a grammar nazi and can't stand statements ending with question marks or questions ending with periods. I am also a firm believer that many folks would do well to embrace the lost art of proofreading - based on my experience, it's not something they're teaching anymore.

In my free time, I like making things out of wood but unfortunately I don't do much of it these days due to a lack of time. I am 100% a tool junkie. If it's made of cast iron and weighs 500+ lbs I want two for my garage. I also enjoy hunting, camping, and watching Star Trek. I enjoy craft beer and am always excited to try a new one. I also enjoy the occassional cigar and like good whiskey. I'm a fan of Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton novels. Some TV shows that I've enjoyed (in no particular order) are Star Trek(s), Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Heroes, The Office, House and How I Met Your Mother. Some of my favorite actors are Dan Akroyd, John Candy (RIP), Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

More recently, I expanded my beer interest to include homebrewing and am trying to learn as much as I can about it.

Most years, if I have a free weekend between August and December, there's a good chance you'll find me hunting in South Carolina's low country. I haven't yet found anything more relaxing than sitting in a tree stand on a cold morning, reading a good book, waiting for the sun to come up.

I have mostly conservative political views. I support our first responders. The flag on my desk says "Don't Tread on Me". If I'm awake, I'm in condition yellow. If I'm not at a location that feels the need to infringe my right to defend myself, I'm probably armed. I support a flat tax and a streamlined government.

If you asked me for a conversation starter I might tell you the world would be a better place with more guns and less lawyers.