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Operation: Cut the Cord
Posted under Miscellaneous on Thursday, July 3, 2014 @ 2:30:05 PM
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With the exception of college football season, I stopped paying for cable TV a long time ago and don't miss it.  Every month when my Internet bill comes in and I see that I'm paying $50 for Internet, plus $30 for a higher speed tier (which is still pretty slow), plus $3 to rent the modem it makes me sad.  That got me thinking about ways to totally stop giving the cable company any of my money and made me realize that I probably have line of sight from my roof to the roof at my office, or pretty close to it.

So, one $189 order from L-com later, I have a pair of yagi antennas and a dream in my head.

Distance is about 3400 feet:

After a couple hours I have a lab consisting of a pair of WDS bridges and two Cisco switches passing traffic between the two wired LANs.

WDS even passes CDP and VTP/802.1q.  Rock!

Next up, I foresee some time spent on roofs with a compass and a pair of binoculars.